The school organizes a weekly excursion to the most beautiful and interesting places on the island.

May it be the North coast or the inner villages, you will be amazed by nature's generosity with Gran Canaria.

These excursions are paid separately by those participants who have not booked our accommodation.


A visit to Vegueta, the old colonial quarter of the city, by the hand of one of our teachers.

After the visit you can taste the local specialties and enjoy a glass beer or wine.

The Tapa-Tour is paid separately, it takes place on Fridays and requires a minimum number of 5 participants. Transportation and dinner are included.

Surf course:

We collaborate with the nearby Quiksilver surf school, thus we offer you the possibility to combine your Spanish course with a surf course.

The surf course can be booked by hours. It takes place in the afternoons and weekends.

The surf board and the wet-suit are provided by the surf school. Just don't forget your swim wear!


If you are a sportive person and do not want to spend your weekend on the beach, Nortetrek is a local company that organizes all sort of sport and leisure activities for you: mountain bike, trekking, climbing and much more.


The 236 kilometers of coastline and the crystal clear water with visibility of up to 40m and a great abundance of fish close to shore invite the diver to explore the underwater world of Gran Canaria and be amazed by its beauty.

Whether you are looking for a beginners course or for a diving excursion, we can arrange your diving activities with our local club.




Excellent teaching and a very good atmosphere at school. ¡Gracias Marta! Visit the old parts of the town (Vegueta, Triana), the mountains (especially Roque Nublo). Very good food (individual preparation).¡Gracias Soraya!

Peter Alex Ramsebner, 57, Austria.

Studie tip:

Het strekt tot aanbeveling om wat Spaanse teksten die je interessant vindt mee te brengen voor je privé lessen. Het werken met dit materiaal zal de lessen productiever en onderhoudender maken.

Lessen via Skype:

235 Eur/10 uur

Lessen via Skype

Online cursus Spaans:

Onze online cursus Spaans van niveau A1 en A2. online cursus Spaans van niveau A1 en A2

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